International Education Center «Simple Smart»

«Simple Smart» is the first International Education Center in Vladivostok, which specializes in teaching not only foreign languages, but also Russian to foreigners. The Center established in 2010 already has several subsidiaries around the Primorsky region,  partnership with language schools in New York, moreover, we are planning to have partners around the world to open up new opportunities for teaching Russian and foreign students!

Our teachers have become a crowning glory of our Center! They are qualified professionals, who had been trained in foreign universities, as well as real native speakers.

What we offer to foreign students?

Learning Russian from basic to the desired level! We provide services at all stages of education in order to get successful implementation of such ambitious plans. We provide visa support and take care of the accommodation in Vladivostok. We do offer immersion courses in language and cultural environment through the rich activity program, including cooking classes, trips to the museums and theaters, visiting cafes and walks in public places in the company of teachers to practice language skills.

What we offer to Russian students?

Learning English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish on the modern communicative techniques and a variety of programs? Traveling? Reading foreign literature in the original? Pass TOEFL, IELTS or the HSK? Marry a foreigner?  We select an appropriate training program for each language target. On weekends, we watch movies, discuss and practice foreign spoken languages in our special speaking/movie club.

An important fact!

We operate under the license of educational institution, which means that our Russian students can return the income tax on the value of the training!